Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 2 - Wabasha to Lacrosse, WI 5-23-2011

  • Dennis & Deb "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

On our way to LaCrosse - traffic was a little hectic but it was alot flatter biking on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi versus the Minnesota side!

Dennis & Deb with Deb's mom at her home in Winona

Biking through Perrott State Park near Trempleau!


John checking out our chain!

Deb standing with the artist that did this mural at Track II in LaCrosse, WI

John, Dennis, and Deb after Happy Hour at Track II in Eau Claire - a good time was had by all!
  We left Wabasha at 6:50AM and bicycled to Winona with Deb & Dennis. On our way it threatened to rain but really didn't however, Deb & Dennis noticed a beauitful rainbow so we stopped so I could take a picture of them with the rainbow in the background.  It was so pretty but very quickly disappeared but we managed to get a picture of the rainbow first.   At Winona we stopped and spent about a half an hour at Deb's parents home and had a very nice visit with her mom.  While visiting with Deb's mom we all decided to cross over from Minnesota to Wisconsin and bike along the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin side.On our way to LaCrosse we went off route a bit and bicycled through Perrot State Park which was very pretty and then we biked through the little town of Trempealeau in Trempealeau County. John checked out our chain because the bike was not shifting properly and had a tendacy to climb onto the next higher gear and immediately dropped back down.  He did find a link that was separated and took out his trusty chain tool and was able to realign the pin and reset it and we were good to go.  If it reoccurs he will remove a link and replace it with a master link. When we arrived in LaCrosse, and got checked into our hotel, we all hopped in the hot tub and then got ready to go out for the evening.  We walked about 2 blocks to a little corner tavern called Track II where we arrived just in time for Happy Hour and yes, we did get happy.  We had a few drinks and then Deb & Dennis taught us how to play Buck Eucher which is a fun card game. We also spoke with the bartender who paints murals for a living - in fact there was a beautiful mural on the wall of the tavern that this gal had painted in 1970.  About 6:30 we went back to the hotel and sat in the lobby waiting for the pizza that we ordered to arrive.  We ate in the lobby area while watching Dancing with the Stars and then called it an evening because we have decided to get up at 4:30AM tomorrow morning and start biking at 5:00AM so we can be out of the LaCrosse area before the heavy morning traffic starts.  What a great day with good biking conditions and great friends!

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