Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 5 - Prairie du Chien to Dyersville, Iowa - bicycled 65 miles for a total of 307 miles since we left Chippewa Falls on Sunday

Crossing the Mississippi River by Prairie Du Chien, WI.  This is the same road we bicycled acrossed last year when we were heading West.  This time we will be bicycling east (once we get to Muscatine, Iowa).

Beautiful rolling hills and rich soil farm land.  Corn is already about 4" up.

Gorgeous flowers alongside the road.

Fertile farm land!

SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Petersburg, Iowa (an amazing beautiful church located in a very small town)

Altar at SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Petersburg, Iowa

Corn bins - we saw a lot of dairy farms and of course, we also bicycled by a number of pig farms which is a completely different oder.  So much for fresh country air.
We woke up to a cool cloudy morning but no rain so we headed out around 7:10AM.  We bicycled today with head winds, side winds, and also tail winds (all bicyclist love tail winds).  It was a beautiful day of biking even though it was quite hilly.  However, between the scenery of the rolling farm land, the birds singing, and the rolling hills it was a great day to be biking. We stopped for lunch around 12:30 at Colesburg at Willie's and John ordered the Willie's Whopper with fries and I had a chef salad.  John said his burger was delicious and my chef salad was okay.  From there we headed to Petersburg with a wonderful tailwind.   We had 7 miles to go to Petersburg and with the tailwind we made it there in record time.  As we came into the town we had spotted two beautiful steeples and as we approached SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church we figured we had to stop and see the inside.  The outside of the church was beautiful but the inside was even more amazing.  I hope that you enjoy the pictures that we took of it.

After spending some time inside the church we headed to Dyersville and checked into the Super 8.  We looked at the map for tomorrow and we had hoped to get to Muscatine, Iowa but we would have to bicycle over 120 miles to get there.  That is more than we care to bike especially if it is going to be hilly like today's bike ride.  I called the one hotel in Lowden and it is a old hotel listed on the Historical Registry and they only had one room left for $85.00 a night with no breakfast included.  We didn't have any other options so we booked it.  After cleaning up and watching a little tv we walked across the road to McDonalds and we both ordered a salad and now we are ready to call it a day!

Life is good!   Deb & Dennis we missed you biking along with us today.  You two would have loved the hills (great down hills with kick butt up hills).

Life is good!


  1. How far south before you turn east? I wish I were with you!

  2. Dean, we will bike to Muscatine, Iowa and then start heading east. Our destination is Bar Harbor, Maine and the only place we will be going into Canada is by Niagara Falls and then back into the US. We have decided to not bike into Canada this trip but I am sure we will eventually. Thanks for checking in with us.