Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29th - picking up the rental car and spending the day in Bar Harbor, Maine

We woke up at 7:30 this morning and I immediately called Hertz Rental Service to see if they had a vehicle for us to pick up this morning.  I spoke with Linda and she said that we could come right in and pick it up so we got dressed and headed down to Trenton with the bike and the trailer loaded with cardboard.  The owner of the hotel was able to provide us with cardboard to use in the car so that we didn't get the carpet dirty and also keep the bike from getting any more beat up than it already is. 

We got to the Bar Harbor airport in Trenton about 8:45AM and rented a 2011 Rav 4 which is a small sport utility vehicle.  John took out all his tools out of our backpack and started to dis-assemble our bike.  First he took off the seats, disconnected the quick links for the brakes and derailers, took a part the flip it for the handlebars, took off the timing chain, and then attempted to loosen the SS Couplers.  No go - they were extremely tight and didn't budge.  So we took off both wheels, rear derailer, and the back fender and then we were able to put the bike frame in the vehicle in one piece.  We loaded up the rest of the pieces and then we were able to close the back hatch of the vehicle and we went down to the Bar Harbor Bicycle shop where they assisted us in loosening the SS Couplers so the frame could be loaded in the vehicle behind the front seats.  So now we are good to go! 

We are ready to go pick up our rental car!

It's a little foggy this morning, fortunately traffic is light!

Beautiful scenery even in the fog!

Foggy morning!

There are numerous lobster shacks along the way!

Signs all over selling fresh, or cooked lobster, clams, mussels, etc.

Little foggy as we arrive at the airport.  Glad we are not flying today!

Getting ready to dis-assemble our bike!

Here we go!

So far so good - we got one seat off!

What's next?

John said "the bike is starting to look naked"!

Checking out what to take a part next!

Front chain!

Disconnecting the quick links!

Quick links!

Close up of the quick links!

Trying to turn the SS Couplers - wouldn't budge!

Taping the handlebar down to the frame!

Okay - let's see if it will fit this way!

Nope - had to take it back out and take off the back wheel, fender, and derailer along with the front wheel!

Now maybe it will fit!

This will work until we get to the Bar Harbor Bike shop to see if they can help us loosen up the SS couplers!

Loaded - close the door, let's go!

After spending about 15 minutes at the bike shop we were able to dis-assembly the rest of the frame of the bike and easily store it in the back seat of the car!

Our poor bike will never be the same!

Cool shop down on Main Street in Bar Harbor, Maine!

Sail boat in the harbor!

Three gals that arrived in Bar Harbor today - they bicycled in a group of 25 woman from Fargo, ND to Bar Harbor, Maine!

More pictures of the harbor!

Landscape by the harbor!

Day 38 - Belfast, Maine to Bar Harbor, Maine 6-28-2011

Once again the alarm went off at 4:30 and we were packed up and down eating at the continental breakfast by 5:00AM and on the road biking by 5:30.  This is our last day as are destination today is at the town pier in  Bar Harbor, Maine where we will dip our front tire in the Atlantic Ocean and consider our journey complete.

We started out with cloudy skies but as the morning passed the skies turned blue and we had a very nice but warm ride to Bar Harbor.  We had 62.5 miles to go today with moderate hills until we got within 10 miles of Bar Harbor and then we were biking up and down hills all the way to the pier.  We took our time today and stopped at a restaurant in Ellsworth and then at the visitor center in Trenton.  From there we decided to bike back two miles to the airport where we have a car reserved for Friday to see if it was possible to pick it up on Wednesday vs Friday and also to check the size of the vehicle so we know that the bike will fit in it.

About 4-1/2 miles from Bar Harbor we passed a hotel that had a sign out saying "two people in room for $36.00 per night".  So we stopped because it certainly looked like a clean little hotel from the outside.  The owner showed us the room which was very nice and clean and we booked it for two nights.  Apparently because he is 4 miles from the downtown the only way to get people to stay here is by charging that little.  It looks like he is full tonight!  The only bad thing about staying here is that the 4 miles to downtown Bar Harbor is all downhill so we really had to pedal hard to get back up here after spending time in Bar Harbor.

We arrived in Bar Harbor around 1:30 and immediately took our bike down to the pier and put it in the water and had some pictures taken.  After that we sat on the grass (well John napped on the grass) while I enjoyed the views of the beautiful ocean, sailboats, boats, and a big cruise liner that was docked in the harbor.  I could of sat there all day!

After leaving the harbor area we stopped at a grocery store and picked up some food for supper, beer, and diet root beer and we pedaled back to the hotel where we got cleaned up and then sat outside and just went over our journey to get here.  What a trip this has been.

Tomorrow we will hopefully be able to pick up our rental car and we will become the regular tourist again who actually travels in a vehicle instead of this strange looking bike on two wheels pulling a one wheel trailer.

In the next couple of days we will be doing a recap of our trip on the blog but right now I am just tired and going to call it a night.  Wow, I can hardly believe that I don't have to get up to an alarm clock tomorrow morning - we can sleep in as late as we want.  Yup you guessed it - we will probably both be laying wide awake at 5:00AM. lol

Good night all!

Hooking up the B.O.B for our final day of biking to Bar Harbor, Maine!

This is a bridge we crossed to get to Trenton, Maine on our way to Bar Harbor.

Beautiful roadside scenery!

More pictures of the bridge!

Beautiful scenery - just like all the other days - just different location!

What a beautiful country we live in!

The bridge!

John was very impressed by this bridge!

Another moose sighting!

Land that we love!

We love a wide shoulder!

We passed so many beautiful flowers as we bicycled on this journey!

This was our first sign letting us know that we are close to our destination!

How would you like to have all these seagulls perched on your roof!

The anticipation of being almost there!

Tide was out - it didn't matter - it was still breathtaking!


There was a big cruise ship parked in the harbor!

More views of the harbor in Bar Harbor, Maine!

You have to love that big smile!  Note - we dropped our B.O.B. with all of our possessions at the hotel so we could pick up some beer and snacks!


The water sure felt good!

What a wonderful moment that we will never forget!

John will always be my Captain!

Amazing feeling!

The water was a little cool but it felt so good!

Even our bike is tired! lol

More pictures of the harbor!

More pictures of the Harbor!

Yup, even the captain gets tuckered out!


Main street in Bar Harbor!

Shoreline on our way back to our hotel!

Shoreline on our way back to the hotel!