Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cut Banks to East Glacier, Montana - day 33

Total miles biked today is 51 - started out this morning with clear blue skies and no wind. About 17 miles out of Cut Bank we came across a historical marker locating Camp Disappointment which was Louis and Clark's furthest north camp. Up to this point we have very favorable biking conditions, bright sunshine and no wind, however, shortly afterwards we got a lesson on what real headwinds are. The winds gradually picked up to 25 to 30 mph straight out of the west and for the next 35 miles all the way to East Glacier. It was down right grueling. When your helmet and chin strap have a choke hold on you and your speedometer only reads 8 mph you know that you have a real headwind.

We had stopped in Browning which was 37 miles from Cut Bank and ate at Subway and considered changing our hotel reservation due to the winds. We had reserved a hotel in East Glacier and we discussed canceling that and spending the night in Browning. However, Browning being on the Indian Reservation made us decide to push on and take our chances on the last 13 miles into East Glacier. It was early afternoon so we had the rest of the day to make the 13 miles (even if we had to walk). We biked 51 miles today and most of it was an uphill climb into Glacier. Between the combination of steady climbing and relentless headwinds we are wore out tonight. We have decided to spend three nights in East Glacier to do some site seeing and also recuperate as we have bicycled over 500 miles the last 7 days with strong headwinds and a lot of climbing. We are staying at the Sears Motel in East Glacier and have rented a vehicle for two days. We do not have phone service or Internet service at the motel so we will try to keep up with our blog by going to the library or cafe.

We are planning on drive to White Fish to the bike shop to pick up a new rear tire and additional back up tubes. Today we had two more flat tires - one on the front and one on the back. John and I have been shocked at all the broken glass on the side of the road all the way across Montana and we are sure that has had a lot to do with our having had 10 flat tires so far.

We will continue our biking adventure bright and early Monday morning in hopes of beating the traffic on hwy 2. We have reserved a hotel in West Glacier for Monday night and our plans are to be in White Fish on Tuesday night.

Total miles biked as of today is 2,074 (only approx. 1,000 to go)

Happy Trails!

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