Saturday, June 12, 2010

Theodore Roosevelt National Park & Medora by car June 12th, 2010

First off today is our grandson, Hayden, 7th birthday-Hayden I hope that you had a wonderful birthday and that grandpa and grandma can not wait to see you and your family on Monday at Sylvan Lake in South Dakota.

This morning John and I rented a car and headed out to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park where we did some site seeing and driving thru the park. We also stopped at the visitor center in the park.

From there we headed to Medora - on the way to Medora we stopped and reserved a hotel room for the evening and then headed to Medora to go to 4:00PM church there. Medora is a place that John and I stopped at on our honeymoon 38 years ago and we have discussed numerous times about going back there again. Well almost 38 years ago to the day we returned. Of course, they always say you can't go back and that is correct but we still had a wonderful day. After church we went to the Medora Steak fondue dinner and then back to our hotel. Tomorrow we are planning on going to Deadwood and do some site seeing in that area.

It seemed quite strange to leave our bike in Williston and head out in a car. John and I commented that you just don't see as much riding in a car as you do when you are biking down the road.

Well it's time to get some sleep!

Happy trails!

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