Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Falls, MN to Parkers Prairie, MN - day 17

Mileage for today is 65 miles - cooler temperatures (actually was cold this morning when we first started biking) with 10 mph headwind.

We left the Super 8 in Little Falls around 6:40AM this morning. We biked 2 miles and then stopped at the Catholic church in Little Falls, Our Lady of the Lourdes, and went in for a few minutes to reflect on our trip so far. It is a very beautiful catholic church.

It was a little cooler this morning than expected and our muscles were bow string tight by the time we got to our breakfast stop at Royalton. We had an excellent breakfast and all the locals were gathered discussing the worlds problems at this restaurant. We walked out of the restaurant right after a group of local old timers left and they stopped to admire our bike and ask us all kinds of questions. They were all very nice and bid us a good day and happy biking.

We were biking along more cash crop farms today - not many dairy or poultry operations. We came upon a gentleman that was driving a caterpillar tractor and pulling a 36' drag as he was coming out of his driveway. He waved and flagged us to stop so he could visit. He walked across the road and John had a great discussion about farming with him and his caterpillar and how farming has changed since John was a young lad. The gentleman said that he enjoys talking to all the bikers that travel past his farm. We are finding that the people of northern Minnesota are very friendly and anxious to hear how we are doing.

We continued on our way and stopped at a little bar and grill in Rose City, population 20. The bar is called Sheila's place and I encourage anyone that is in the area to stop and visit. She asked us where we were from and where we were headed and then pulled out her book that she has the bikers write in that travel and stop at her bar & grill. It was a very pleasant visit but we still had 20 miles to go so we headed out again and arrived in Parkers Prairie around 1:00PM. After checking into the hotel we biked down to Lake Adley park and spent an hour or so relaxing and reading the paper along the lake. It was a little cool but at least the sun was out.

Tonight we walked across the road and had lunch at the Cozy Cup Cafe and the owner asked us to sign her bicycle book and to write a brief note on our journey.

Today we hit the 900 mile mark and should hit 1000 miles by Friday.

Life is good!

Happy Trails


  1. Your travels in MN are nearly at an end. We still can't believe you have been biking straight for 17 days now. In John's terms, "WOW"! Each day after work we look forward to reading about your adventures so keep them coming.

    Deb & Dennis

  2. You are doing a great job with the pictures, enjoy seeing them and keeping track of your daily travels. They are always so interesting. It sure is neat that all the people are so friendly and have bike books for you to sign. A good way to meet down to earth everyday people and hear about their lives, as I am sure they are interested in yours! Stay safe my friends........