Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Malta, Montana to Havre, Montana - day 30

Total miles biked today was 93 with cloudy conditions and variable winds out of the west
We knew we had a long ride today so we started bright and early hitting the road at 5:27AM and headed towards Dodson. Five miles out of Malta we came to a historical marker claiming to be the site of a train robbery pulled off by Butch Cassidy where he netted $40,000 worth of unsigned notes. At the same site we caught our first glimpse of the "Little Rockies" 40 miles to the west of where we were standing. We continued on to Dobson hoping that we would find a cafe open for breakfast but only to find out that all they had available was packaged muffins.

Shortly after leaving Dobson mother nature blew just enough wind in our face to remind us that we really aren't as much in control of our situation as we would like to think. It took us a little over 4 hours to do 40 miles (thank you mother nature).

We arrived at Harlem and stopped for lunch and John walked next door to a pharmacy to pick up some Aleve. He has been having problems with his sciatic nerve which is causing his left left to go numb and his left calf cramping and the pharmacist recommended he try Aleve and if that doesn't work he should see a doctor.

We were only half way to Havre so we needed to get back on the bike and put in some miles. The wind continued to blow 15 to 20 mph out of the west.

Let me tell you friends this is the only way to see the country. No bugs on the windshield, no wiper blades smearing bugs, no sun visor to duck under, and no door post to look around. All I see is a 170 degree panoramic view of this beautiful country. With the Little Rockies to my left and the rim of the Milk River Canyon to my right and rolling hills with cattle grazing in the distance ahead.

Today's ride got to be pretty long and strenuous but well worth it as we are now half way through Montana.

When we arrived in Havre we booked our hotel at the Siesta Inn and then contacted Derrick & Kate (this is the young couple that we had met in Page, North Dakota). We also met another couple this evening, Becky and Riley, and invited them to join us for dinner. Becky and Riley are from Irvine, California and are biking across the Midwest with their destination being Bay Harbor, Maine. Riley is in his 70's and Becky is in her 60's and they are riding on upright single bikes with panniers. We had a very nice time visiting with everyone and after dinner we all walked across the street for a night cap. It has been a real joy to visit with Derrick and Kate - they have been ahead of us and when they meet other bikers that are heading east they would tell them about us. It got to be fun to meet these bikers and then learn where Derrick and Kate are.

After putting on 93 miles today we are both very tired but pleased with our days ride. Tomorrow we will bike 60 miles to Chester, Montana.

Total miles biked as of today is 1,893 miles

Life is good!

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  1. Kathi, what happened to the other 10 degrees of your view?