Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Devils Lake to Rugby, ND - day 23

Total mileage for the day is 62 miles. We woke up in Devils Lake to cloudy overcast skies and light drizzle. Weather turned to blue skies and then as we got closer to Rugby the skies darkened and looked very threatening. Fortunately we had arrived in Rugby and booked our hotel immediately.

We went to the continental breakfast and also checked the weather forecast. John figured if we waited to leave until 8:00AM we would probably miss the rain. About 7:50 we headed towards Rugby and although it was not raining at the time the sky was very overcast and looked like we just might get wet. Once again we lucked out and missed the rain. We decided to bike along highway 2 today as the route that Adventure Cycling had set up had another detour because of water over the roads again. Highway 2 is a 4 lane road with a wide bicycle shoulder most of the way to Rugby. Although we would prefer not to be on the roads where traffic is zooming by there are times that we can't avoid it.

We stopped in the little town of Leeks for lunch. There was a little cafe that didn't even look like it was open as the shades were all drawn and there was a for sale sign on the front of it. We biked right by it and then a little later I asked someone if there was a open restaurant in town and they sent us back to that cafe. It was open but very dark and gloomy inside. John and I both ordered a hamburger and chicken noodle soup which was very good. From there we continued on to Rugby. We arrived in Rugby around 3:00 and got checked into our hotel just in time as when we went to put the bike in the hotel it started to rain.

Today is John's 59th birthday and I am so fortunate to be married to such a great friend and companion. We have been really enjoying the time, conversation, and laughter as we bicycle across the midwest. John can't believe that he has biked 1329 miles to be at the Geographical Center of North America for his 59th birthday. Maybe some of these people that have said that we were nuts know something we don't know. lol

John wants to add a thank you to everyone who remembered his birthday and has been following our blog. It is great to get such support from our friends and family as we pedal across the midwest.

We miss you all!

Total mileage for the trip is 1329

Life is Good!


  1. Happy happy Birthday John. Sounds like it was a very good one for you. Wow, we are getting non-stop rain here. You guys have really lucked out when it came to getting wet. I scanned your birthday card in and sent it by email...hope you are able to receive it. It was made just for you..(and Kathi!!!!) The couple on the front crack me up! Have a great day and congratulations on 1300 miles....that is awesome.

  2. Happy 59th John! Do you realize that you guys are keeping the same biking schedule as Dennis and I keep for our work schedule. I wonder who is having more fun? Looks like Minot, ND tomorrow. Miss ya much.

  3. Happy Birthday John! What a great memory for your 59th birthday!!