Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, June 26th - Car from East Glacier to White Fish, Montana

We got up at 6:30 this morning and hopped in the car we rented and headed for Whitefish, Montana to get to Glacier Cyclery as soon as they open. We need to purchase a new rear tire and additional tubes due to all the flat tires that we have gotten the last 500 miles or so. John is also having the spokes checked out on the rear wheel.

On our way to White Fish we stopped at West Glacier and reserved a hotel for Monday evening. We met a father and son that are biking across the Midwest from the West to the East. Very nice people - in fact, when he found out that we were heading west he gave us a 20% off coupon to use at LaQuinta in SandPoint, Idaho. Nice guy! We exchanged road stories and then continued on to Whitefish.

We arrived at the bike shop around 9:00 and they said they could work on our bike tire but it may not be done until late this afternoon.

So we had the entire day to do what we wanted to and also a car to do some site seeing. One of the mechanics at the bike shop suggested that we drive up to Big Mountain ski resort as the chairs lifts are available to ride to the top for a great view. Once arriving at the resort we bought lift tickets ($10.00 a piece) and got on a chair lift and took it to the top. What an amazing and spectacular view. We did a little site seeing and then took the lift back down and headed back into Whitefish. We stopped at the grocery store and had a late lunch/dinner of grilled chicken and salad before heading to the bike shop to see if our wheel is ready to go.

We are now at the library so I can update our blog and our plans are to pick up our bike wheel at 4:30 and then go to church at 5:00 before we head back to our hotel in East Glacier (90 miles away).

After picking up our wheel we went to church and then headed back toward Glacier. We decided to drive through the park and go up to Logan's Pass (Highway to the Sun) on our way back to East Glacier. What an amazing park and spectualar scenery - every direction you look is prettier than the last. Due to the amount of rain that this area has received the waterfalls are amazing and everything is a beautiful green. On the "Road to the Sun" we came upon two big horn sheep standing in the middle of the road and just looking at us before they turned and ran back up the mountain. We stopped at Logan's Pass Visitor Center but it was already closed for the evening. We will stop back again tomorrow.

We have reserved three nights at the Sears Motel (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) which is really individual tiny, tiny cabins with the bare essentials. This is also who we rented the car from.

Tomorrow we will do some site seeing at Glacier National Park and drive up the "Road to the Sun" road, again, and hopefully get to see some wild animals. Yes, as long as we are in the car I want to see some wild animals. lol

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer!

Happy Trails!

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  1. We're sorry to hear the weather has become more severe. We have also experienced terrible storms here and pray you don't encounter the weather we have been having. Almost no biking going on here! Kathi--you really took a chair lift up a mountain? Not much security in the seat of those things. We miss ya much. I am currently at my Mom and Dad's in Winona using their computer internet as our tower took a lightening bolt that zipped into our basement and blew off the outlet cover in our utility room leaving a black hole in its path. Hope to be up on internet again by Tuesday (June 29). Our camping/bike trip is begining July 4 and we are getting nervous about the weather. Please rub that horseshoe for us.
    Deb & Dennis