Sunday, May 23, 2010

Couples on Wheels Rally (Saturday) Day 6

We biked 57 miles with temps rising to 80 degrees

We left the hotel in a mass start with about 44 couples on tandem bikes headed out of town for the days ride. The day turned out to be a rather frustrating day for the two of us. Ten miles into the ride we had a flat tire - got that changed without incident and continued out. Twenty miles down the road our drive train chain jumped to the inside of the rear cassette and wedged between the cassette and the spokes. We had a tough time getting that squared away and then ten miles further down the road we broke the shifter cable and spent a half an hour replacing the cable. Fortunately we had a replacement cable along and the switch was fairly simple, however, the good looking mechanic (John) lost the spring inside the twist grip. We still had all of our gears and were able to finish out the ride but when we got back to Middleton we made a run to the Madison bike shop to get a replacement twist grip shifter. Thanks to Steve and Michelle for transporting our bike so that we could get it replaced.

The ride itself was quite hilly (by our flatlander standards) and proved to be a pretty good workout. We got a good introduction to the hills of Dane County. To top it all off a few miles from the hotel we got rained on (just a little). All things considered we are really enjoying our adventure and look forward to many more days of biking.

After getting back to the hotel and cleaning up we went to the Couples on Wheels Banquet and really enjoyed spending time with all our biking friends.

Total miles biked as of today is 308

Happy Trails!

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