Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winona to Lake City, Minnesota day 11

Today's mileage is 55 miles - temperature was in the mid 80's with very little breeze

We slept in a little this morning and didn't actually leave the hotel until after 8:00AM. Another beautiful sunny day with very little wind. Once again we spent the majority of the day biking along the Mississippi river with breathtaking views of the river and bluffs all along the way.

We stopped in Wabasha and had lunch at a wonderful little cafe - we had an excellant potato soup and John and I shared a club sandwich. We also stopped at the St. Felix Catholic Church for a moment of thanks for the safe journey. We arrived in Lake City, MN around 3:30 this afternoon and stopped at a park to check the map and call a few hotels to find out what there rates are. We were worried about the cost of a hotel with the upcoming holiday plus this is definitely a tourist town with a lot of boating and sailboat activity. As we were biking along the river I noticed a sign for the Alaska hotel that stated that they have suites for $59.00 so we stopped to check it out. They had one room left so we immediately took it and were pleasantly surprised at what a nice suite it is. We are now sitting out in front of our room and enjoying watching the sailboats, pontoons, and fisherman go by on the water. It is very nice!

As we have been biking along the Mississippi river we have seen numerous eagles soaring in the sky. John said he couldn't agree with the eagles more "It's a great day to go whichever way the wind blows".

While sitting outside the hotel this evening we struck up a conversation with a couple who are drivers for an Alaska motor coach that is headed for Alaska at 6:00AM tomorrow. They told us they would be on the bus with 72 passengers for the next 14 days! No thanks, I'd rather ride our bike.

John called Deb & Dennis tonight and we are excited to hear that they will be joining us on Saturday to spend a couple days biking with us. We look forward to spending more time with them.

Happy trails!

Total trip mileage as of today is 593 miles


  1. That's a late start for you guys--out too late last night? See ya soon!

  2. Mar and I are hanging on every word and can't wait for the next entry. How are you deciding your route? Are you using the bicycle routing now available on Google Maps?

    Keep up the good work. You guys are inspiring us every day.

  3. Love reading the updates and looking forward to the day that Pat and I can share a cross-country adventure! It was great seeing you last weekend. You guys are such an inspiration! Say hi to John...