Sunday, May 23, 2010

Middleton to Spring Green, WI - Day 7

Todays mileage was 47 miles with temps approx. 89 degrees and southeast winds 10 to 15 mph.

Steve and Michelle met us at the hotel at 8:00AM for the breakfast buffet. We said our goodbyes to our other biking friends and everyone wished us good luck. Many expressed that they would love to be going with us on this adventure. Deb V. was out front to take pictures of the 4 of us before we headed to Spring Green.

Steve and Michelle are very strong bikers and we had a tough time keeping up with them (even though there bike was loaded with there personal items and camping gear). Once again we had a number of hills and a few chain issues that we were able to fix quickly. Little by little John is getting the bike where it will shift properly again. Michelle and Steve are so interesting to visit with as they have done a lot of biking and have had many very interesting adventures regarding bike touring that they are sharing with us. Michelle is originally from South Africa and the two met when Steve was in the Peace Corp. Michelle said that they met at a border crossing. They will be biking with us for a few days before they head to their destination in Argyle on Memorial weekend.

We stopped in Mazomanie and visited with Michelle's friend, Marsha. She brought out glasses and an ice cold pitcher of water along with cookies. Very nice treat and nice visit.

On the 2nd half of the ride we finally got out of the hills of Dane County and into the flats heading towards Spring Green. We stopped at the General Store for lunch and then went across the street to a little Tea shop and sat outside underneath a huge oak tree while John worked on the bike chain adjustment.

Steve and Michelle then left to go to their campside and we went to our hotel. What a pleasant surprise to find out that our room has a king size bed along with a whirlpool tub. It was heaven after the hot ride today. This evening John and I biked down the road to an old fashion rootbeer stand with carhops and sat out on the picnic table and had dinner. Very enjoyable!

We have been on the road biking for 7 days now and can't get over all the beautiful rolling hills, forest's, lakes, rivers, and fertile farm land here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a truly beautiful state.

Total mileage as of today was 355

Happy trails!


  1. The General Store is one of our favorites when we visit Spring Green. They usually have an amazingly rich chocolate filled oatmeal bar that is delicious! We really like Spring Green. Of course, Taliesen is there and also the American Player's theater. The pitcher of ice water you described sure sounds tempting on a hot day like today. Happy Trails.

  2. Hi Sharon - glad to hear from you! I had a hummus plate that had fresh tomato's, green pepper, olives, cucumbers, and yellow peppers on a plate with a tortilla shell. Very good!

  3. Whew! Your adventures make me feel tired. I am now all caught up and following your travels on my Michelan Road atlas.
    God bless!

  4. Hi Kathi and John. This is the first time I have read your blog and I am familiar with most of the county roads and highways you have been on. That area south of Mauston is very scenic. Laurie and I have been biking a whopping eight miles a day this past week. Let see that would put us at about 56 total miles. Its a start....Ron