Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hastings, MN to Stillwater, MN to Osceola, WI -day 13

61 Miles for today - beautiful sunny day with no clouds and mid 90's for temp. However, when we were biking on fresh chip seal Deb's cycle computer indicated that it was a 101 degrees.

Deb & Dennis arrived in Hastings about 5:00PM on Friday night so they are biking with us for a few days. We all left Hastings, MN at 6:18AM and crossed the bridge back into Wisconsin - of course immeditely upon crossing the bridge we had to bike up a long monster hill - welcome to Wisconsin.

We had to bike about 7 miles to get back on the Northern Tier route. There were a couple of hills and a beautiful down hill into Afton. This was a very scenic area on the St. Croix river with 2 marina's. We stopped at a little coffee shop and enjoyed drinks and visiting with Deb & Dennis.

We then headed towards Stillwater, MN and had numerous hills to climb and we also crossed interstate 94. It is amazing to me that John and I have biked this far and are now crossing 94. As we rode past Bayport I gave Lyn a call to let him know that we are here in Anderson Window area. Upon arrival in Stillwater we had to go down the steepest hill that we have encountered during this trip. Believe me we had all the brakes engaged down the entire hill. We went to an Irish Pub for late breafast/early lunch and sat outside on the patio overlooking the St. Croix River. At this point, we had no idea of the hill that we were going to have to climb to get out of Stillwater. I will probably have nightmares tonight. lol

From there it was a hot and hilly ride to Osceola but we saw beautiful scenery all day and rolling hills and very little shade. About 5 miles from town we ran in to fresh chip seal on the road which due to the heat kept sticking to our tires. Messy stuff! After biking 61 miles we finally made it to the Dairy Queen in Osceola - life is good! John and Dennis spent about an hour cleaning the rocks and tar out of the tread of Dennis's tires.

We checked into our hotel and then went next door to the bar and grill for drinks and dinner.

Total miles to date 710.

Happy Trails!


  1. Hi Kathi, we are enjoying the updates! Sounds like you and John are having a great trip. Inspirational, makes me want to get out on the bike! Ryan, Darcy, and Jax

  2. It's gotta be nice to have friendly faces to accompany you on the road. Just be careful when riding behind Deb and Dennis. One can easily become mesmerized by watching Dennis popping up and down on his seat. Next thing you know you're heads are bobbing up and down like watching some sort of vertical tennis match. Be careful out there!! Gary