Monday, May 17, 2010

Dorchester to Marshfield - day 1

John and I were awake at 4:30 this morning as we were so excited about the beginning of our trip. We had originally planned on leaving around noon but with our excitement we were packed and ready to go so we headed out around 9:00. Our first stop was Meyer Buildings so they could see exactly how we had our bike loaded and all set for our trip. We stopped in Colby at the clinic because John had received a letter telling him he should come in and get his blood pressure checked. So we stopped and his blood pressure was 157/96. The nurse was about ready to put him in the hospital until he explained that he was a little excited about the trip. Actually he had taken his blood pressure at home this morning and it was 137/77. So he was allowed to leave so we headed to Marshfield. Of course, we were too early to check into our hotel so we spent some time biking around Marshfield, went to the park (John laid on the picnic table and took a nap) and then we visited the Marshfield Library. On our way back we stopped for supper and now are settling in for the night. We ended up biking 47 miles today and tomorrow we will need to bike about 65 so we will get up early and get on our way. Our plans are to be in Mauston tomorrow night.

A word of caution to anyone who might want to bike in Marshfield, be careful, the side streets that we had rode were terribly dangerous! Cracks between lanes were as much as 4" wide and 6" deep. If you lose your consentration and wander into one of them it's all over but the shouting. I doubt there has been any maintanace done on their side streets in the last 5 years.

Happy trails!

Total mileage as of today is 48 miles - 33 miles to Marshfield and then we road 15 miles around Marshfield

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