Friday, May 28, 2010

Lake City, MN to Prescott, WI to Hastings, MN - day 12

Miles for today is 54.3 with sunny skies and very little wind. Mid 80's for temp today.

With today being the start of the Memorial Day weekend we decided to hit the road early and try to be off the roads by noon in order to beat the holiday traffic.

We left Lake City at 6:08AM this morning and headed toward Red Wing, Mn. on highway 61. The Alaska bus passed us about 5 minutes later and blinked his marker lights at us to wish us happy trails. We made excellent time on the way to Red Wing as highway 61 is fairly flat in that area. Since we made such good time we decided to have a leisurely breakfast and killed about 1-1/2 hours. This turned out to be a mistake as the rest of the route to Red Wing was quite hilly and took us about 4 hours to make about 30 miles. All things considered it was still a very nice ride with plenty of river scenery and farm scenery when we got further inland.

About half way between Red Wing and Prescott we came across an interesting rural restaurant / landscape center called Nesbitts. It's an unusual enough combination that we had to stop and check it out. John had a piece of rhubarb pie along with home made ice cream and freshly brewed ice tea and Kathi had a muffin and root beer.

Last night we checked into a hotel for this evening and found we had to go about 7 miles off route to find a hotel so we are staying at the Regency Suites in Hastings Mn.

We had a pleasant surprise this afternoon, Deb and Dennis Veercamp will be joining to ride with us for the next few days.

Total miles so far 643.

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  1. You have now ridden far enough that you have traveled the distance from Dorchester to Chicago and back home again!!!! Wow!!!