Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marshfield to Mauston - day 2

72 miles of biking today - beautiful weather - very light wind and flat terrain (perfect day for biking).

We left Marshfield around 6:50AM and headed to Mauston. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for biking. Several times today we commented on how fortunate we are to be able to make this trip. We only had one little hill today otherwise it was very flat biking and very little wind so it was probably the best conditions for biking that we have had this year. We ate lunch (10:30AM) in Necedah at a Subway - the continental breakfast at our hotel this morning was BAD so we were hungry.

We did have two deer cross the road in front of us but other than birds and a couple of squirrels that was the only wildlife we saw today. Several weeks ago when we were driving this route, by car, we had a wolf cross the road in front of us so I (Kathi) was a little paranoid about that today. It's okay because I had two cans of pepper spray in my hands just waiting for the wild beast to come out of the woods today. Of course Kathi is behind me on the bike so I can't see what she is doing but in this case I had visions of Clint Eastwood or John Wayne with a loaded 45 in each hand .Tomorrow we will head from Mauston to Sauk City which will be a lot of up and down hills.
We arrived in Mauston around 1:30 and went and sat at the park along the river. Then we stopped and spent some time at St. Patricks Catholic Church in town. It is a beautiful church right along the river.

This evening we will probably tuck in early so we can get a fresh start for the hills tomorrow!

I (John) was on sencory overload today. People who have never gotten out on a bike have no idea how much you miss tooling down the road 60 mph. Slow it down to biking speed and before you know it you will hear birds singing and frogs croaking, you will smell the scents of spring, freshly plowed fields, fresh cut hay, pine trees, lilacs, and of course road kill. Talk about road kill, believe it or not today we saw about a 24" carp on the road without any water anywhere in site! You can let your imagination run wild trying to figure out how that got there.

Happy Trails!

Total miles as of today is 120 miles

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