Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anacortes to the San Juan Islands - Sunday, July 12th, 2010

Total miles biked today was 22 miles - beautiful blue skies all day

As we reached our goal of biking from Wisconsin to Anacortes, Washington yesterday I will still continue to blog until we get home so that our friends and family know what we are up to each day. Today we hopped on the ferry with our bike and went to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and biked about 28 miles along the beautiful coast line. Immediately leaving the boat we had to climb about 2 miles up and then we entered the beautiful farm land area. The entire island appears to be rolling hills and is very beautiful. After about biking 6 miles or so we started biking right along the coast line. There were a number of cars stopped and people getting out to stare out at the ocean so John and I stopped also. Here they were watching orca whales right off of the coast. What a incredibly beautiful paradise. We continued on and went to Lime Kiln Park and went up to the lighthouse and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Once we arrived back at Friday Harbor we went and sat in a little pub and had some refreshments while waiting for our ferry. There was a quite colorful local sitting at the bar and was quite the character. We started talking with him and he told us a little bit about the island and the history of the bar that we were at. He was a carpenter/handyman and had done a lot of work for the owner of the bar. Anyway, he asked about our bike and what we were up to. A little later he went and stood in the doorway of the bar and was looking outside and all of a sudden hollered "hey, get away from that bike". Of course, he started laughing right away as no one had been near our bike. He was just fooling with us. Interesting man!

Afterwards we went down by the ferry and visited with other people waiting for the same ferry. I was really surprised at how many bicyclist came over on the ferry to bike on the island. It is very popular and really a beautiful way to see the island. However, you had better like biking hills because there are a lot of them on this island. In fact, it sounds like almost all of the San Juan Islands are hilly.

What a beautiful area this has been to visit. The ocean was such a beautiful color with sailboats and fishing boats off in the distance and the beautiful shoreline. What a great day!

Tomorrow we will load up our "BOB" and head to Sedro-Woolley to pick up our pickup truck.

Total miles biked as of today is 2960
Happy Trails!


  1. This looks heavenly! You know one sign of a truly retired person is when you say it's June when it is really July :-)!

  2. congratulations!!! See you tomorrow.