Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ashland - biking and visiting with Don & Cathy and picnic in the park - Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

John and I got up early today and drove down to the bike trail and unloaded the bike and did a 28 mile ride. The bike trail is paved all the way from Ashland to Medford, Oregon and winds up and along the river. The sun was shining and the views of the mountains, once again, are beautiful. We rode for a couple of hours and about 5 miles from our truck we ended up having a flat tire on the front tire. We just had a slow leak but John decided we might as well patch it right away and have it done with. Upon removing the tube he noticed that our front rim is cracked (we wonder how long that has been). He patched the tube and put air in the tire but kept it lower than what we would normally put in it and we limped back to the truck. Our poor bike is going to need a lot of tender loving care from the Hostel Shoppe when we get back to Wisconsin. It has been a faithful bike and has not let us down but we definitely have abused it over the last two and half months.
When we got back to the house Don took us on a tour of all of the beautiful landscaping he has done and then back by his food plots and land - what a beautiful and private area that they live in with all the trees and the mountainside. We then got cleaned up and we loaded up the cooler and went down to Lithia Park for a wonderful picnic on the grass near a duck pond. What a relaxing afternoon and exactly what John and I needed. We have been on the go so much and it has been wonderful having a place to stay for a few days with good food and good company.
We had originally planned on going back home and then coming back down into Ashland in the evening for a "Green Show Entertainment" but decided that it would be a lot more relaxing and enjoyable if we stayed at Don and Cathy's and grilled out. John and Don grilled chicken with Baby Ray Barbecue sauce and Cathy and I made twice baked potato's and corn on the cob. What a feast that was - it was finger licking good!
We then sat down and watched a movie and headed off to bed around midnight or later. What a wonderful day.
Don & Cathy, thank you both so much for the wonderful time that we had in Ashland and all the incredible adventures and site seeing that you took us on. The sailing was fantastic, site seeing was amazing, but the best part was spending it with the two of you. We always seem to be able to get together and have a good time.
Finally, I can say to our family and friends in Wisconsin - we will start heading home tomorrow. However, we do plan on site seeing the Grand Teton's, Yellowstone, and Devils Tower so it is still going to be a few days before we get there. It is also a very long way to drive - in fact, I can not imagine anyone biking it (oh that's right we did). lol

Happy Trails!

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