Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clark Fork, Idaho to Newport, Washington - day 39

Miles biked today is 71 miles with overcast sky but no rain.

We left our hotel in Clark Fork about 6:15 this morning and headed for Sand Point. This was a very scenic and interesting route as it followed the east shore of Lake Pend Oreille and 5278' Mount Eagan and Cougar Peak were to the east of that. We made several stops along the way at points of interest that told of how eons ago these mountains, lakes, and valleys were covered with glaciers that blocked the flow of the Pend Oreille River. When the glaciers finally receded and the ice dams broke, the tremendous flow of water that resulted more or less flushed out the entire area from Clark Fork all the way to Kettle Falls, a distance of about 150 miles.

This morning the mountains were again covered with clouds giving each mountain a different look. It sure is amazing to see the clouds hanging so low and covering up parts of the mountain.

When we got to Sand Point, about 30 miles into our ride, we stooped at the Blue Moon Cafe for breakfast biscuits and gravy, hash brown, and a couple eggs over easy and coffee. There were a lot of people in town this morning to watch Sand Point's annual 4th of July parade. We didn't stick around for all of the parade because we wanted to get out of town ahead of the traffic. We lucked out as when the majority of the traffic was on the way out of town, we were on a nine mile long bike trail that paralleled the highway. It sure was nice not having to worry about getting run over for a while!

The route provided from Sand Point to Newport weaved it's way along the Pend Oreille River between the mountains and kept us on a reasonably level course, that is reasonably level as compared to the last couple days and the next week to come. We checked into the Golden Spur Motel about 3:00 pm and plan to have supper at a Chinese restaurant this evening.

We beat ourselves up for 12 days getting across the state of Montana and then it only takes a day to get across the state of Idaho and into Washington. We still have approx. 425 miles to go but we are excited about being in the final state before the coast. We are figuring that it will probably take us 8 days yet to get across the 5 passes and to the coast.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


  1. I sure do look forward to reading your blog every day! It's like being with you on your adventure (which we know we should've been). It was exhilarating to cross into Washington with you and see you through to your last state. I've been using Google Maps which has an earth view (kind of like Google Earth) to fly your route each day. It almost seems like we're right behind you on the road. I can see the mountains and valleys and even some of your landmarks.

    You two have a great 4th of July and keep on keeping on.

  2. Hey guys, what awesome scenery. You are truly enjoying the "good life." Everyone that we saw this week-end wishes you the best and said to say "hi." We all agree, we are thrilled that you guys are making the trip, but as for most of us, ahhhhh we don't think we could do it!!!! LOL. You are so close to the end of your destination, that it almost must seem like a dream! Keep on pedaling and keep all of us posted....we love and miss you guys.