Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Puyallup, WA to Castle Rock, WA - July 14th, 2010

We left Puyallup at 8:00AM this morning as Kathi had to sleep in (apparently she is tuckered out). We headed south on 161 towards Mt. Ranier towards the Paradise Lodge. On our way we stopped at a unique sculpture shop where sculptures are made out of scrap iron. Very interesting and creative sculptures were on display there. After spending our time there we hopped in the truck and headed on up the road to Mt. Ranier. What a amazing mountain and once again incredible beautiful scenery. John took me to the Paradise Lodge where he had stayed when John and his brothers and Matt did the climb at Mt. Ranier about 10 years ago.

From there we headed to Mt. St. Helen - we got to the Johnson Ridge Observatory and visitor center and saw the crater caused by the explosion from a distance of about 5 miles. We also took in a Ranger's talk and then saw a movie about the event. Very interesting and horrifying at the same time.

We spent a good share of the day driving and siteseeing - it is amazing how many miles you can travel when you are in a vehicle and how little you get to see versus being on a bike.

Tonight we are staying in Castle Rock and tomorrow will head out to the coast and spend some time driving along the coast line. I am sure it will be another great day!

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  1. What lovely scenery! John, you look so much like Bill in that picture, I really had to look again to be sure it was you!