Monday, July 19, 2010

Eugene, Oregon to Ashland, Oregon - July 17th & 18th, 2010 - visit with Don & Cathy

On Saturday morning we got up to Darcy making her famous homemade bisquits and smoothies for breakfast. Yum Yum - the bisquits are fantastic and wonderful with a little honey on them. We packed up and headed to Ashland to visit with Don & Cathy for a few days before we start heading east. We arrived in Ashland around 1:00 and went and had a salad at a restaurant before driving up to Don & Cathy's home. Ashland is a very beautiful and interesting town and was excited to get a tour of the town later on. Cathy and Don live on the side of the mountain so the roads to get there are quite steep and interesting (I can only imagine what it is like when it gets icy).

We visited with Cathy for a couple of hours and then she headed out to go to a wedding. She made us delicious beef with mushroom dish that we have over noodles a long with a vegetable. We stayed up quite late (by our standards) and watched the movie "Primal Fear" before heading off to bed.

Sunday morning John and I went to Mass at 9:30 and when we got back Don was home from Alaska. Don treated us all to a breakfast at a Mexican Restaurant right in Eugene before we headed out of town for the day.

After breakfast we went back to their house and packed a lunch and loaded up the cooler and headed out for some sightseeing and a driving tour of the area and ended up at Klamath Falls around 4:00PM to go sailing with one of Don's friends, Jim. The sailboat we were on was a 31 foot tri-maran with a 42 foot mast and was such a relaxing and enjoyable ride. We were out sailing for approx. 4 hours with ideal weather conditions for sailing. After sailing several hours Jim stopped in the middle of the lake and we brought out the cooler and had beverages and lunch. What a special afternoon this was and a treat to go sailing and look out over the lake at the mountains surrounding us. John and Don each had the opportunity to pitch in and set sails which they both seemed to really enjoy. Cathy even got to drive the sailboat for a bit also. Jim indicated that he didn't want to get to close to the shoreline as he had a rather "Green Crew" - you think? We zig zagged our way up to our picnic site and then drifted with the wind while we ate our lunch. Everything tasted so good and we enjoyed the company, fresh air, and the beautiful views from the sailboat.

We headed back to Don & Cathy's and to a good night sleep! What a great day!

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