Thursday, July 8, 2010

Okanogan, WA to Mazama, WA - day 44

We biked 61 miles today - HOT, HOT, HOT

We left our hotel at 5:30AM because we knew we had approx. 20 plus miles to get to Loup Loup Pass. Within a few miles of Okanogan we started to gradually climb. We bicycled through cherry and apple orchards. We kept hearing a bang (like when you go to the fireworks and they start setting the fireworks off). It happened all around us again and again. Well we found out that they do that to keep the birds away from their orchards. I would be a little peeved to listen to that every day but I guess if you own the orchards you would get over that real fast.

We started off this morning with our fleece on but we took them off within the first two miles of our ride. We couldn't believe how quickly it warmed up today and even at 6:00PM the thermometer at our hotel (that is in the shade) registered at 90 degrees. We have been biking for 44 days now and we had several really hot days when we were biking to Prarie Du Chein and then up the Mississippi river and now we have had today where the temperature was in the mid 90's and it sounds like the same for tomorrow. Thank god we have only had these few days of hot weather because it really takes a lot out of you.

We arrived at Loup Loup Pass around 10:45AM and asked a man that was at the pass to take our picture. This is the first time that we have been able to have our picture taken together on any of the passes. From there we headed to Twisps and stopped at a sub station and had a sandwich and a lot of liquids because we were both very thirsty.

We then biked 10 more miles to Winthrop which was a very touristy and neat little western town where we sat under a shade tree and relaxed with lemonade for an hour or so before we biked the final 14 miles to Mazama.

Mazama is a very small town that is definitely in the beautiful scenic Cascade mountains. We ended up staying at the Mazama Country Inn and paid $95.00 for one night stay. There is no television, no phone, no air conditioning, and outrageous meal prices. However, it is a very beautiful area so you need to pay for the beauty.

John and I are both exhausted from the last 4 days of strenuous climbing and we have one more day to get over Washington and Rainy Passes and then we will head to Ancortes. It is 6:44PM and we are going to call it a night. We have the alarm set for 4:00AM so that we can be up and on the road by 4:30 as we have one more strenous climb to Washington Pass (18 miles away) and then another 5 miles to Rainy Pass.

Good night all! Yes, we are still having fun but are very tired tonight! John said "Off da"!

Happy Trails!

Total mileage as of today is 2,753 miles

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  1. Great job guys. Dennis and I pretended we were with you both as we climbed the hot, steep "mountains" of WI, IL and IA. We got home from our trip late Friday evening and are just now catching up on your blog. Awesome photos. Especially liked the one where Kathi is spralled out on the pavement. Hope the bike is working fine. Let us know when you are close to finish so we can shout congrats from MN!