Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kettle Falls, WA to Republic, WA - day 42

Total miles biked today was 44 with beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

We had breakfast at 5:15AM this morning at a local restaurant in Kettle Falls. We hit the road about 5:57AM and biked 3 miles out of town and crossed the Columbia River and started our climb up to Sherman Pass. 25 miles and 6.25 hours later we reached the Sherman Pass at 5,575 feet. It was a long and gradual climb and got steeper the further up we got. We were able to bike about 80% of it and walked about 20%. Overall we were very happy with our progress to the pass and were elated when we reached the pass. It took us 6.25 hours to get to the top, we spent about 1/2 hour taking pictures and enjoying the view, and then about 45 minutes to descend 14.5 miles without pedaling (Kathi was in control of the drum brake) to the little town of Republic.
One of our rest stops Kathi sat down on the pavement and then laid down so of course, John grabbed the camera and had to take a picture. I have to tell you that it felt pretty good to lay back and rest for a minute but it wasn't long and I was back up and heading up to Sherman Pass.
We did meet a couple from New Hampshire today that was biking up the Sherman Pass on the west side heading east. It was very nice to speak with them.

We stopped for lunch in Republic and then started looking for a hotel. On our way to the hotel we saw a doe and two spotted fawns on the hillside just before coming into town. Republic is a tourist town and parts of it resemble the old wild west.

Tomorrow we will be climbing Waconda Pass. A shorter climb altitude wide but we will be putting on more miles than today.

Happy Trails


  1. You sure have had a wonderful trip. What do you have planned for an encore?

  2. Nice climb! With Google Earth and Street View I could really get a feel for your ride. Was there much traffic? Don't you hate trucks when your working to get up a hill?

    Have fun and keep the brakes cool...Bill

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  4. Wow these recent pictures you added are just beautiful! I showed Emily and she said to me "See now you know why I want to live in Washington." :) Miss you both and I am looking forward to your welcoming home.

    Although I am sure you will be dissapointed in your landscape after seeing the things you have along your travels.