Saturday, July 24, 2010

Greybull, Wyoming to Sturgis, South Dakota, Saturday, July 24th, 2010

We left Greybull around 8:00 this morning and headed towards Devils Tower. We had figured we were pretty well out of the mountains but were surprised to find that we had the Big Horn Mountains to get to Buffalo, Wyoming and then on to Devil's Tower in Northeast corner of Wyoming. We spent about two hours at Devil's Tower and then headed to Sturgis, SD where we decided to spend the evening. After checking into our hotel we took our truck and went downtown. We were surprised to see that although Sturgis Motorcycle Rally does not start until August 9th vendors already have displays set up and there are a lot of motorcycles in the area. Now picture all these motorcycles and everyone wearing leather and here comes two old people driving a little pick up truck and cruising the main street with a tandem bike on the back. Yes, we got a lot of looks and we stopped at a bar/grill and sat out on the patio and had discussions about our bike with a number of people. It was really fun!

Tomorrow we are planning on driving on the Needles Highway and in the Black Hills and then driving as far as Sioux Falls.

Happy Trails!

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