Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 25 - 6-15-2011 Brockport, NY to Sodus Point, NY - 78 miles

 We stayed in Brockport last night at an Econolodge - not worth the money and also a very poor continental breakfast.  We were on the road at 6:30 and we bicycled down to the Canalway Bike Trail and bicycled 48 more miles on the trail.  We had been a little concerned about bicycling through Rochester but after looking at the map we saw that we were on the bike trail the entire way which made biking through Rochester very easy (we did take a wrong turn though but got back on the trail after about 1/2 hour wandering).  We bicycled 30 miles before stopping in Pittsford at the Coal Tower restaurant.  What a cute little town right on the canal and we had a delicious breakfast but had to get back on the road because we still had over 45 miles to go before we arrived in Sodus Point.  We had called and made reservations so we actually knew where we would be spending the evening.  Our plans are to stay at the Sodus Point Lodge and when I spoke to the owner she said we could have a room for $50.00.  Hmmm makes you wonder what this room will be like.

We had a great ride along the canal and today some of the trail was even blacktopped so we could make pretty good time plus we had a little bit of a tailwind.

Once we arrived in Palmyra the trail ended and we had to start biking back on the road.  Immediately leaving the canal we started getting into hilly terrain.  You have to know that when you look at the map and you see roads called Ridge Chapel Rd. and Ridge Road you are going to do some climbing.  We were surprised at how beautiful this part of New York is.  We immediately went from the flat terrain along the canal to beautiful forest and hills along with a lot of apple orchards.  Actually the area kind of reminded us of parts of Wisconsin.

Around 4:00PM we arrived in SodusPoint and checked into our room.  We were pleasantly surprised at what a nice room we have and Sodus Point is right on Lake Ontario so there are all kinds of sailboats and boats anchored all around - very touristy area.  After checking in and getting cleaned up we went to Captain Jacks where we were able to sit outside on the top deck and enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Ontario and the Sodus Bay.  We had a very nice young man for a bartender and we had a nice visit with him.

Another great day but we are both tired.  In fact John is already sleeping and it is not even 7:00PM.  Biking 75+ miles the last couple of days plus the fact that we have been biking now for 24 days with one day off is catching up with us.  However, the next 600 miles are going to be a lot tougher due to hills.  Bring em on - we are as ready as we are going to get!

Life is good!
Biking along the Erie Canal - we had numerous towns we bicycled by today!

This was such a peaceful stretch - we didn't meet hardly anyone on the trail today until we got to the Rochester area.

This is a draw bridge that goes up when a boat is coming along the canal!

Barge in the water by Rochester, NY

We stopped to enjoy the view of the river on the top of this bridge!

We took a wrong turn on the bike path and ended up getting ourselves lost.  This gentleman saw us looking at our map and came and helped us out.  He lives in Rochester in the same house he was born in.  I kind of wondered (to myself) why he was walking with a golf club.  Didn't know if that was for defense or what.  As it ended up he was on his way to a golf course apparently.

We saw numerous boats on the canal today!

There was a sign on the trail that indicated we had to walk our bike through this area.

This is the restaurant we ate a late breakfast at today.  It was absolutely delicious.  Prior to this becoming a restaurant coal was stored in this silo for fuel for the boats going up the canal.  It obviously is a very popular restaurant and really a neat little town.  I would have liked to spend more time here but we had to pedal, pedal, pedal!

The inside of the restaurant!

John said we had to stop the bike so I could "Smell the Roses".  Last summer all across the midwest we would see wild rose bushes in the ditch and he jokingly said that he had someone plant them just for me.  Hmmm they smelled so good!

Boat load of school kids apparently out on a class trip!

Farmer working in his field!

Apple orchards!

Lake Ontario!

The boats docked by our hotel tonight!

Sodus Point Lodge

Our room for the evening for $50.00.  NICE

We sat on the upper deck at Captain Jack's bar and restaurant and relaxed.  We couldn't ask for a better view!

Here I am bellied up to the bar drinking all the diet cokes I want. lol

Yes, John is happy to!

Great place to go for dinner - Captain Jack's it Sodus Point, NY

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