Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 36 - Danville, Maine to Wiscasset, Maine 47 miles

We slept in this morning and left the Sleepy Time Motel in Danville, Maine around 6:45AM - we plan on biking to Wiscasset which is only 47 miles away.  Now we are not looking at the distance we bike so much per day as we are concerned about what we have to pay for lodging as we get closer to the coast. Also we are through the mountains so the adrenalin rush is over and we are slowly winding down with only 125 miles to go before we arrive in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Today was a very comfortable day biking with less hills, overcast skies with no rain and temperatures in the mid 60's. 

We bicycled 10 miles and then stopped at a conveniece store (doesn't seem to be much for restaurant's on our route) and had a omelet croissant sandwich which was very good.  We also visited with the locals which is always something we enjoy.

We are noticing that not only are the roads in touch shape in Maine but the signage leaves alot to be desired.  Our hotel tonight is right on Hwy 1 which is extremely busy but fortunately has a fairly wide shoulder.  We had stopped along side the road and called the hotel to see where exactly it was located.  Here we had to backtrack 2 miles to get to it.  Our route had us on a secondary road so we hadn't biked past it but had biked beyond it.  As we were stopped on the side of the road looking at our map a guy in a green van pulled over and got out and came over and talked with us.  He owns a bike shop in Brunswick, Maine (we had bicycled through Brunswick earlier today) and wanted to know if we needed any help. We had a very nice visit with him and then we all went on our way.

We arrived at the Wiscasset Motor Lodge around 2:00:PM and got checked into a very nice room and we cleaned up and then headed down to the local pub (Roadhouse) for an afternoon of beer and nacho's.  On Sunday they have a delicious special of Nacho's for $4.00.  Can't beat that price.

We now only have 125 miles to bike to get to Bar Harbor, Maine!  Our plans are to bike 65 miles tomorrow to Belfast, Maine and then on Tuesday we will either stay in Ellsworth (depending on the cost of lodging) or bike all the way to Bar Harbor to dip our tire in the Atlantic Ocean.

Patriotic garden!

Roses along the road!

Corn looked in pretty tough shape!

Roads were a little better in some spots today!

Interesting home we bicycled by today!

Cows in the field on our ride today!

The bike trail entrance in Brunswick, Maine - we rode about 4 miles on it!

It is so great biking on a bike path - no traffic sure takes the stress out of the day!

More pictures of the bike path!

There were several fisherman fishing along here!

There were quite a few fisherman in this area!

This was the bridge we crossed to get from Bath, Maine to Woolwich, Maine!

You got to love that smile!

Harbor by Bath, Maine

Draw bridge to let the big ships through by Bath, Maine!

John checking the map to make sure we are on the right path!

John went in to check into the motel while I stood by the bike.  This big old fat cat came up to investigate while I was standing there!

We have a very nice little cabin this evening at the Wiscasset Motor Lodge in Wiscasset, Maine!

This was a shop across the road from our hotel!

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