Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 27 - Pulaski, NY to Boonville, NY 6-17-2011

We left Pulaski at 6:30 this morning and had a long slow climb up and out of Pulaski. We bicycled 20 miles and stopped and ate breakfast at a little Inn in Redfield. The breakfast was delicious and we visited with two men that were from Buffalo and Rochester, NY area that came to this area to fish and hunt throughout the year. We asked the owner of the restaurant how much snow they get in winter and John had told her that we get about 60” of snow in Wisconsin over the winter and she just laughed and said that it is not unheard of  for them to get that much in a 48 hour period. They get a lot of snow and so they also get a lot of snowmobilers in the winter. We had a great breakfast and then continued on our way. As we arrived at the top of a hill we noticed that there was a biker climbing up the other side of the hill towards us so we pulled over onto his side and waited for him to get to the top. Here it was a 70 year old man bicycling up the hill with a completely loaded bike with panniers and pulling a B.O.B. He stopped and told us that he was from Iowa and he had flown from Iowa to Boston and got on his bike in Boston and biked up to Bar Harbor and was now heading towards Michigan. He hopes to be in Michigan for a family reunion on July 4th. He will then leave Michigan and bicycle back home to Iowa. He is one tough man and we found out that when he gets off his bike he walks with a cane because he has had several hip surgeries. Apparently the biking doesn’t bother him but as soon as he gets off the bike he has to walk with assistance.

This part of New York is really beautiful with rolling hills, very heavily wooded with hardwoods, and many lakes and streams - and did I say HILLS. This area is very similar to the Timms Hill area of northern Wisconsin . We passed rivers, lakes, and creeks along with a lot of cabins in the woods that looked like they were probably summer homes.

We bicycled into West Leyden around 1:30 this afternoon and decided to stop at a convenience store to get something cool to drink. While there we met Santi Belle from Cambridge, Massachusetts and Ryan Alexander from Maine. They left Bar Harbor about 12 days ago (they had several rainy days where they only bicycled 30 or 40 miles) and are on there way to Seattle, Washington. They were a very nice couple and said that they are camping and trying to do this trip on $10.00 per person per day. John and I can’t imagine doing that but it sounds like they have it figured out.

We arrived in Boonville about 2:30 after only biking 48 miles. Yes, we are in the hills and we are just in the foothills of the Adirondacks so it is definitely going to get steeper hills and probably more frequent. We are staying at the Hulbert House B&B. You just never know what kind of hotel your going to get when you book it the night before. We decided that because this area is such a fishing area that we had better make sure we had a hotel for tonight so we called and booked this room for $71.00. Well, when we got to the hotel/bar we went to check in and the bartender took us upstairs to show us the room. We are in room 23 and she said we were lucky because this room was haunted. I said “Haunted” and she said yes and that they had Ghost Busters or some company come in and test this room and it is haunted. Well, thank you very much! I then asked who is haunting the room and she said “Whoever has lived here in the past and died here”. Well, 5:30 tomorrow morning cannot come fast enough for me. Lol

After we showered we walked down to main street and checked out several stores and then went into the “Pub” which was a very nice bar with excellent food. We visited with a couple that live about 15 minutes from Booneville and had a very nice time discussing the area with them. Once again we find that people all across the country are very friendly.

Well, I am going to go to bed now and hope that morning comes quickly and that the ghosts of Hulbert House rest easy tonight. Lol  After we left the Hulbert House I went on the website and found this link:  CREEPY!
Amish farmer working with horses alongside the road!

This is Kierkly who is a 70 year old man that we met on our way to Boonville.  He is bicycling from Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine to Michigan (for a family reunion on July 4th) and then back home to Iowa.  He is biking 75 to 90 miles a day pulling a B.O.B. and also has the panniers on the front of his bike.  The amazing part is that when he gets off his bike he walks with a cane because he has a bad hip.  Amazing!

This is the restaurant that we stopped for breakfast at.  We really had a very delicious breakfast made by the owner.

This area has numerous winter sports hills and trails!

No where to go and all day to get there!

Hills and more hills!

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