Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 11 - Kempton to Watseka, Illinois 6-1-2011 - 56 miles

John and I got up about 5:30 this morning and anxious to get on the road and out of Kempton.  To say it was an interesting place to sleep at would be an understatement.  When Marilyn and Gary dropped us off at the house in Kempton we decided that we would bike to Ashkum in the morning and they would bike from Watseka to Ashkum and meet us for breakfast at "The Loft" where we all ate breakfast.  John and I had left Kempton earlier than planned and we had beautiful perfect biking weather with the wind to our back so we made the 18 miles in record time and actually arrived at the restaurant about an hour early.  That was okay we rehydrated and read the paper while we waited to eat breakfast with Marilyn and Gary. 

On our way to Ashkum we biked along drainage canals that were dug by the Army Corp of Engineers to drain the marshlands in the area so that the land could be used for growing crops.  Some of these channels were 20 to 25 feet deep.

After breakfast we all got on our bikes and headed towards Watseka.  What a perfect day - fantastic weather with cooperating winds, beautiful scenery, and great company.  What more could we ask for!  We arrived in Watseka before noon and got unpacked and then we headed out biking again.  We had only biked 38 miles to get here so we decided to bike to a neighboring town (head winds all the way there) and totally enjoyed the ride back with the winds pushing us back to Watseka. We stopped at a cute little coffee shop and had lunch before heading back to the Super 8.

Once we got back to the hotel we did laundry (there were washer and dryer right next to our room) and the four of us played Eucher in the lobby!  It was interesting because we had learned to play Buck Eucher with Dennis and Deb earlier in the trip and now we played Eucher with Marilyn and Gary.  Although they are similar they are definitely a different game. 
After the laundry was completed at John and Gary beat the girls twice in Eucher we went out for dinner and then back to our rooms.  We are planning on heading out early tomorrow and everyone was tired and ready to call it a night.

Good food, good weather, good friends makes for another great day!
John standing with the bike along side one of the drainage canals built by the Army Corp of Engineers!

Canals used for drainage!

Interesting car we saw along side the road!

Enjoying a great day of biking with Marilyn and Gary!

Flooding on the Iroquis River near Watseka!

This water tower made us all smile!

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