Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 12 - Watseka, Illinios to Monticello, Illinois 6-2-2011

We got up and met Gary & Marilyn for the continental breakfast at 6:00AM.  After eating Marilyn and Gary hopped in their van and drove to Monticello, Illinois.  Once they arrived in Monticello at the Lighthouse Inn they unloaded their bike and headed back to meet us at Rensselaer for lunch and then all four of us would continue biking back to the Lighthouse Inn.  After Marilyn and Gary left Watseka John and I got on our bike and headed towards Rensselaer in hopes that we would arrive there before Marilyn and Gary.  Well that didn't happen - in fact Marilyn and Gary were in Rensselaer about 1-1/2 hours ahead of us.  We had headwinds and they had tailwinds plus we had more miles to bike to get there than they did.  Upon arrival in Rennsselaer we went to lunch and then we all got on our bicyles and headed to Monticello.  Monticello was 6-1/2 miles off of our route but our hotel options were very sparse so we decided to bicycle the 6-1/2 miles  to the Lighthouse Inn.

Marilyn had kept telling me on our way there that biking the extra miles was so worth it because the Lighthouse Inn was such a beautiful B&B. John and I ended up biking 77 miles and we were beat and those last 6-1/2 miles off route seemed to take forever. Once we arrived at the Lighthouse Inn we were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful home, cottage, and B&B that the owners, Mike and Bonnie had. As soon as I showered I had stepped outside and ended up walking over to one of the decks where Mike and Bonnie were sitting. They were so hospitable and friendly and made you feel at home immediately. Bonnie told Marilyn and I all about there B&B and then took us on a lovely tour of their beautiful home and rooms that they rent out. To anyone that is traveling in the Monticello, Indiana area this is an upscale beautiful B&B and I am sure that you would enjoy yourselves if you stayed there. You can find out all about their beautiful B&B by going to the following website:

After we were all cleaned up we hopped in Marilyn and Gary's van and went to the Rivers Edge Lounge for delicious Rib Eye steaks. It's amazing how hungry one can get when they bike 77 miles in one day. lol We enjoyed good company, good drinks, with good friends! What more could you ask for?

When we got back to the Lighthouse Inn Mike took us out on the pontoon boat to show us the beautiful homes around the Lake. What an enjoyable evening and a great place to stay.

We then went back to the cabin and everyone called it a night.

This town reminded me of my 17 year old Grand Daughter Brook - love ya Brook!

This was a beautiful home that we bicycled by in Brook, Indiana

We were biking passed a home and this cute little Chocolate Lab started following us.  He just ran his little heart out to keep up with us but finally gave up.  He was such a cute little guy and looked so happy running along side our  bikes.

Biking along and enjoying every minute!

The front of the Lighthouse Inn in Monticello, Indiana on Shafer Lake owned by Mike and Bonnie!

Cabin that we stayed in by the Lighthouse Inn

John and Gary decided what route to take the next day!

The dam that we passed on our way to the restaurant for dinner!

Sitting out at the patio at the restaurant enjoying the view of the river and good company!

Now doesn't this look inviting!

Lighthouse that is in the front yard of the B&B - Mike and Bonnie had it all restored and it is a working lighthouse!
We kept biking passed such beautiful purple flowers!

In the Rec Room and Breakfast area of the B&B!

Gary, probably checking the weather for tomorrow's bike ride!

John waiting for the pontoon ride - really he was so tired I think he would of been the happiest if he could just go to bed!  lol

We had a great time on the pontoon ride - Thanks Mike, you and Bonnie are wonderful hosts!

Mike giving us a ride on his pontoon boat and showing us the lake properties!

There is a amusement park called Indiana Beach that draws people from all over the world to this area!

Life is good!

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  1. The "beautiful home in Brook" was my great-uncle Don Lawrence's home when he was alive. (I have no idea who owns it now, or if it was built for him, but it probably was.)

    Thanks for posting the photo.