Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 16 - Napolean, Ohio to Clyde, Ohio - 67 miles biked today

We stayed at a Best Western Plus last night and we were both pleased with the hotel, the computer in the lobby, pool, and the breakfast.  We got up at 5:45 and after getting packed up we went out and ate breakfast and then headed down the road at 6:40AM.  Once again we were biking along the Maumee River for 14 miles until we got to Grand Rapids and then we were biking away from the river.  We bicycled 48 miles and then stopped for an early lunch in Gibsonburg - we could tell that with the bright blue skies and the sun we were in for a hot afternoon of biking.   After leavnig Gibsonburg the bike route took us on a low traveled narrow road (it was like a extra wide bike path) with views of farm land in every direction.  As we were biking along that road we saw a doe with a new born fawn out in the field.  The fawn couldn't have been but a few days old but boy could that little one run. 

Originally we had planned on biking 60 miles to Fremont but we decided to continue biking to Clyde - there is a beautiful paved bike trail (North Coast Inland Trail) that goes from Fremont to Clyde.  I was very impressed with some of the huge beautiful and nicely landscaped old homes in Fremont along the bike route.  Wow, I can't even begin to imagine what they pay to heat one of those homes in the winter.

We checked into the Red Roof Inn around 1:45 and the gal gave us a room with double beds for $59.00 - she told us we would be on the 2nd floor and that we could store our bike in a meeting room.  We went up to room 218 to get changed to go swimming and when we opened the door we noticed that the room hadn't been cleaned and that someone else was using that room - they had a laptop and luggage in the room yet.  We immediately went downstairs and told the gal and she ended up giving us a $80.00 room for the price of the double bed room with a jaccuzzi in it.  However, she said that they would not turn the water for the jaccuzzi on.  LOL  Oh well, what ever it takes - at least we got a king size bed. We did enjoy a swim in their pool area before getting dressed to go to dinner.

There is a little Farm Market across the road and we will go over there this evening to get what ever we want for supper.
Maumee River out of Napolean, Ohio

We've seen several convenient stores that have drive up service.  Apparently you drive your car in the garage and honk and the attendant will bring you your groceries, beer, or what ever. 

This was an interesting fence along the highway as we were leaving Gibsonburg.

This was a very narrow country road (it felt like we were on our own bike trail) that went through the middle with fields on both side.

If you look close you can see a doe and on the right is a baby fawn running across the field after we startled them.

This was just one of the many big beautiful homes that we saw as we were biking on the bike route through Fremont.  I loved the US flag hanging on their front porch. The porch had a swing on it and looked so inviting.

Biking on the paved North Coast Inland Trail from Fremont to Clyde!

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