Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 37 - Wiscasset, Maine to Belfast, Maine - 63 miles

The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning and we were all packed up and a few miles down the road by 5:15 where we stopped at the "Ship Chow Diner" for breakfast.  Sun was shining and very few clouds in the sky so it was a great day for biking even though it got a little hot by the time we got done at 2:15PM.  After breakfast we headed out and spent the majority of the day biking on Hwy 1 - way to much traffic and we didn't always have a shoulder to bike on - made for a nerve racking ride today.

We stopped in Lincolnville at 11:00 to get something to drink and sit and relax and look at the West Penobscot Bay where there were boats and sailboats docked in the water.  While we were there Jennifer Smith-Mayo came up to us and introduced herself and we visited for a while.  She had all kinds of questions about our bike trip - as it ends up she is a photographer in the area and ended up taken several pictures of us and our bike.  While we were visiting with Jennifer a couple came to the restaurant on there bicycles and it was obvious they were also touring.  We spoke with the couple, Claude and Diane, and found out that they are from Canada and have done numerous bicycle touring overseas.  We had a very nice visit and Jennifer took several pictures of the four of us and then we were on our way to Belfast, Maine. 

It certainly was warming up and the last 14 miles seemed to come slow - we ended up arriving in Belfast around 2:00PM and stopped at a conveniece store and picked up a sub.  We sat down outside the store at a picnic table and a couple on motorcycles came in and said that they had met us earlier in the day on there motorcycles and were interested in where we were from and going.  They also suggested that we eat at the Young's Lobster Pound which was just down the road from our hotel.

We arrived at the hotel around 2:30 and got cleaned up and then headed to Young's to eat.  It actually looks like a big warehouse and you walk in and there are containers full of lobster.  You place your order and then you can wait outside on the wharf and they will call you when your lobster is ready.  John and I ordered the special which was twin lobsters and we each got a small bag of potato chips and two sodas for $36.00.  I don't think that I have ever had real lobster before and it was very good.  However, a good steak with a bake potato would certainly have filled us up more.  However, when in Maine you just got to eat some lobster. lol

We only have 62.5 miles to finish our journey.  We will then spend 2-1/2 days in Bar Harbor before we pick up our rental vehicle and start heading west.  What an incredible journey this has been!

Life is good!

We pulled in here right after 5:00AM for breakfast this morning!

This was an island surrounded by the Damariscotta River - the picture really doesn't due the area justice but I wanted to show the island and the fog!

Another Moose sighting - lol!

I just love the water and the reflection of the trees in the water!

Since we have been in Maine we have bicycled past numerous lobster shacks!

Our shoulder is getting narrower and narrower!

Medomak River by Waldoboro, Maine

Harbor by Waldoboro, Maine- what a beautiful area!

More pictures of the harbor!



  1. It sounds like you have had a fantastic trip. Thanks for the treat of all your wonderful pictures on the way. Have a safe trip home.

  2. The area sure looks wonderful. I remember us eating lots of mini shrimp from the roadside stands in Maine. I especially love the picture of the island and the fog. Congratulations. You should both be so proud of your unique accomplishments.