Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 14 - Wabash, Indiana to New Haven 64 miles today

We ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant in Wabash this morning before starting our day.  We left the restaurant at 7:00AM and within a mile we were biking up and down hills. The first 8 miles were a lot of hills but once we got up onto the high plains the winds took over and we had a great ride.   When we came into Wabash yesterday we found out that Wabash was in the valley so of course, we knew today we would have to have some hills to get back out.  We biked through the Salamonie River State Forest which was a very pretty bike ride and then past the Salamonie Reservoir and dam area.  Once again, the flooding is very obvious and there are still trees in flooded areas.

As we were biking through the Salamonie River State Forest we met a gal driving a horse and riding a sulke.  As our bike got closer the horse was a little skittish but did okay. 

It was really a great day for biking (other than it was really hot - 92 degrees when we got to New Haven, Indiana) but we had a great tailwind almost the entire way.  After several stops in small towns we arrived in New Haven by 1:00AM and checked into a Holiday Inn Express and immediately put on our swim suits and enjoyed the pool.  We will spend the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for another ride tomorrow.

We are about 10 miles from Ohio so we will be saying goodbye to Indiana and looking forward to biking in Ohio.
There were pretty flower beds along the road - we have certainly seen beautiful landscaping and gorgeous spring flowers as we bicycle along!

We bicycled right through the Salamonie River State Forest!

John is always smiling!

Great day for a bike ride through the woods!

A gal and her horse going out for a morning stroll!

How cool is that!

Salamonie River (fisherman standing in the water)

Flooding is still apparent in this area as we bicycle across the bridge!

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