Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 35 - Fryeburg, Maine to Danville, Maine 57 miles

Last night we walked across the road from our hotel and went to D's Pizza house and had a delicious pizza with the works along with a pitcher of beer before calling it an evening.  We then turned on the tv and started watching a John Wayne movie.  I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock and it was 10:45 and John was still awake watching the show.  I rolled over and went to sleep but he said he watched it until the end and was surprised that John Wayne actually got killed in this movie by some cattle rustlers. 

After we got to the hotel yesterday we had clothes hung all over the place trying to dry them out because everything we were wearing was soaked from the rain.  Unfortunately there was no laundromat nearby so we turned up the heat in the hotel room and had things hanging all over.  This morning most of our stuff was pretty dry but there were a few items still pretty wet.  Hopefully our hotel in Danville will have a laundry facility for the guest so we can get everything washed and dryed.

We slept in this morning - I set the alarm for 5:45AM and so we didn't get on the road until 6:45.  It was overcast and cloudy and looked like it could rain but fortunately didn't.  It was a pleasant day biking temperature wise.  After yesterday's rain it was such a relief to just have cloudy skies with no rain.  On our Adventure Cycling Map for the Maine area it says the following:  "Once you leave the White Mountains and enter Maine, many road surfaces are deteriorating, and the shoulders crumbling".  Boy, is that the truth - there advise was right on target once again. 

At one point in one of the more remote areas we wern't sure that we were still on our route and we happened across a lady that was outside with her dog and we stopped and spoke with her about the directions.  Fortunately we were on the right track and only had a couple more miles to go for our next turn.  She had a 11 month old English Sheep dog that was really playful.  She was very nice and wished us a safe journey.

We spent most of the 57 miles bicycling up and down hills today - if we would have disregarded Adventure Cycling's recommendation and taken a more direct route the traffic would have really been bad compared to the secondary routes.  However, there were times when the heavy traffic was unavoidable but for the most part the recommended routes were very lightly traveled and pleasant riding conditions in heavily forested areas.

We arrived at the Sleepy Time Motel in Danville about 2:45 this afternoon and after getting checked in John was able to washed and wiped the bike down and lubed the chains. 

Only 160 miles to go to Bar Harbor, Maine!
We stayed at the Quinn's Jockey Cap Motel - we ate breakfast here this morning before heading out!

Maine's deteriorating shoulders!

Many of Maine's secondary roads are in very poor traveling and biking conditions.  Needless to say there won't be any 40 miles per hour down hill on roads like this.

We stopped and asked this lady for directions.  Her dog, Otis, was really a cute and energetic puppy.

View of the Maine countryside!

We came upon a foot race going on today through the Maine countryside!

As we pedaled through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine we saw signs stating "Moose Crossing".  However, so far this is the only moose that we have seen.

A lot of work went into making this stone fence!

We stopped at Naples, Maine around 11:00AM for breakfast/lunch and it's obvious we are in a tourist area.  John and I each ordered pancakes and paid $20.00 for that.  Also, they wanted an additional $1.99 per person for real maple syrup. We are not in Dorchester any more!

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