Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 28 - Boonville, NY to Old Forge, NY 6-18-2011 - 33 mile day

Well, we survived last nights staying at the Hulbert Hotel in Boonville.  Thank goodness for tylenol PM and ear plugs for me. I slept a good share of the night but was certainly happy when the alarm went off at 5:30 and we could bicycle on.  Before leaving Boonville we went to Slim's restauarant and had a good breakfast and then headed out of Boonville on Moose River Road.  What a beautiful bicycle ride we had today with winding roads through heavily dense forest and bicycling along the Moose River on and off.  We had very little traffic for the first 17 miles and then we made a left turn on to Hwy 28 to take that into Old Forge and the traffic really picked up.  There is a car show in Old Forge this weekend and so we saw a lot of old cars coming into town plus the regular traffic.  After biking the first 17 miles with such solitude we certainly noticed the noise from all the traffic but we were happy that we had a wide shoulder to bicycle on.

Yesterday I had called a hotel that was on our Adventure Cycling Maps and was under the impression that the hotel was in Racquet Lake, NY.  I had even asked the girl at the hotel and she said that it was before the lake.  Well, we had about 28 miles in when we biked into Old Forge and I noticed a hotel called Adirondock Lodge which was the name of the hotel that we were suppose to stay at.  However, this hotel was like 22 miles too early.  I thought about it and then we decided to stop and call the hotel and here the hotel I had booked was in Old Forge.  Adventure Cyling maps have it listed in the wrong town - in a town that is 22 miles down the road.  The problem is that it is a weekend and everything else is booked or no longer is in business so we talked it over and decided to make it a very short day today and stay in Old Forge.  John would like to go to the car show and we need to do laundry (the hotel has washer and dryer that we can use).  We would also like to go to church this evening and there is a 5:00PM mass in Old Forge.  So we decided to make it a short 28 mile day and relax a little.  Old Forge is like the Minocqua area with a lot of cute shops, kayaking, boat tours, waterslides, and restaurants. 

I am just thankful that we noticed this hotel on our way into Old Forge or we might of had to put on a heck of a lot of miles to get to the next hotel.

We have put on 1,733 miles since we left home!

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