Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 13 - Monticello, Indiana to Wabash, Indiana 6-3-2011

We were expecting a fairly hot day today, in the 90's, and Gary and Marilyn had to drive back to Pickerington, Ohio later in the afternoon so we decided to set the alarm for 6:00AM and hit the road early.  After packing up Gary discovered he had a flat tire on the bike and we spent about 1/2 hour repairing the rear tire.  By that time the owner of the Lighthouse Inn, Bonnie, came out by us and offered us breakfast seeing that she was up anyway.  So after fixing the tire we decided to stay and eat breakfast at the Lighthouse Inn and then got under way about 7:10.  We had a very pleasant ride to Royal Center where we stopped at a convenient store and picked up a lunch to eat at the local park.

On our way to Royal Center we saw three deer and several turkey's which is probably the most wildlife that we have seen since we left Deb & Dennis.  (you can read into it what you want) lol

After lunch we said our goodbye's to Marilyn and Gary.  Marilyn and Gary headed back to the Lighthouse Inn to load their bike up and head back to their home in Ohio.  John and I continued on towards Wabash, Indiana.  Twenty miles after leaving Marilyn and Gary we were back into hills, mashing gears, and we managed to break a chain which took 45 minutes to repair.  After repairing the chain we came across three young boys on bicycles that gave us directions to the closest restaurant.  Thanks boys, we enjoyed a good cold drink and ice cream cones.

We then finished off our last 18 miiles to Wabash and arrived at the Wabash Inn around 3:30 Eastern time.

We had several great days biking with Marilyn and Gary.  We have gotten to meet such wonderful people and made such special friends and we consider Deb, Dennis, Marilyn and Gary great friends and we always have a great time when we are with these two couples.  Thanks to both couples for making our trip extra special by joining us as we travel to Bar Harbor, Maine!
Gary repairing the back tire - we woke up and got ready to bike and he noticed he had a back flat tire!

John standing back ready to jump in and help Gary if he needs it!

We loved biking with Deb, Dennis, Marilyn and Gary on this trip - it's sure is nice to have such great friends!

Three young men were so helpful in directing us to a place to get something cold to drink and ice cream!  Thanks guys!

It seems like there are a lot of sheep and goat farmers along this route!

It sure is nice biking where there is shade when it is so hot!

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