Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 32 - Rochester, Vermont to Fairlee, Vermont 6-22-2011

First off, we want to say Happy Birthday to our son Mike - hope you have a wonderful day and are enjoying the time with your girls!  We love you!

We were in bed last night by 7:00PM - do you think we were tired?  The alarm went off at 4:30 (we were already awake and ready to get going) and we were on the road pedaling at 5:05AM.  We had 52 miles to do today with alot of hills (one after another it seemed) and two major climbs before we would get to Fairlee, NH.  We bicycled 29 miles and then stopped in South Royalton for breakfast - we knew that as soon as we left there we had our first major climb just east of Sharon, Vermont and then another one by Thetford Hill (that was on Tucker Hill Road).

We had brought along a sub sandwich to eat on our way and as we pulled over to the side of the road we met a guy on a motorbike and as he approached us his backpack came loose and fell on the ground.  He didn't have any idea that he lost it.  I walked over and picked it up and John and I checked inside and the guy had his car keys, lunch, and a wallet with numerous credit cards and other info.  I would be very upset if I had lost something like that.  His cell phone was also in it so I tried to call a recent number on the phone that he had called but it kept telling me that it was only for emergency purposes.  Fortunately two ladies were walking and we asked if they knew this guy and they did, so we gave them the backpack and hopefully it was returned back to its owner. He's lucky that we found it and not someone that would have stolen his credit cards and other info.

 As soon as we crossed the Connecticut River we were in New Hampshire and had to make an immediiate left turn onto River Road.  As soon as we turned we saw the sign that every biker doesn't want to see "Road Closed".  Oh no, but we saw a jogger coming so we asked him and he said it was closed to car traffic but bikes would be able to get through.  Whew!  So we pedaled on to Orford where we are currently at the library doing today's blog and then we will pedal about 1 mile down the road to Fairlee where we have a room reserved for the night.  Another tough day down but we now have only 303.5 miles to go to Bar Harbor.  After leaving the library we found out that the B&B that we had reserved for tonight is actually on the other side of the river so we pedaled back into Vermont for the night.

Hitting the road at 5:00AM is certainly an advantage for us so that we can get the miles in before it gets to hot in the day.  Especially when we have so many hills to get up and over.

I will have to add pictures later as the library closes at 1:00PM and it is already 12:45AM

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