Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 20 - Conneaut, Pennsylvania to Westfield, New York

Today is our 39th wedding anniversary.  Where has the time gone?  John and I both agree that this is a great way to celebrate.  Last year for our 38th we were in New Town, North Dakota as we pedaled towards our goal of getting to Anacortes, Washington.  This year we are in Westfield, New York pedaling towards our final destination of Bar Harbor, Maine.  What a life!

This morning we said goodbye to Ohio after just a few miles of biking  and immediately started to bicycle passed fields and fields of grape vineyard.  It was very interesting and very scenic landscape with the vineyards in the front and mountains in the background and then when we would look on the other side of the road you would see more vineyards with Lake Erie as the background.  We also stopped along the road by a creek that was so clear you could see 12" to 14" fish as you looked over the bridge and down into the water.  I know our Mike and the grandchildren would love to be fishing there.  It was a  very pretty stream with little rapids. 

We arrived in Westfield about 3:00PM and checked into our hotel.  After cleaning up we decided to go and look for a place to eat.  We went to a Italian Restaurant (the owner of the motel recommended it) called Calarco's Restaurant and Lounge.  When we arrived we parked our bike out front and then went in to the restaurant.  We were there first customers so we sat down and placed our order.  A short time later in walked an older lady and came and sat down on the table right next to us.  She was bubbly and giving the waitresses some kidding and joking around.  After she ordered she turned to us and asked us why we wern't talking. lol  I mean we have been together 24/7 since we left home and plus we had bicycled 67 miles and we were just sitting there enjoying solitude. lol  Anyway we told her what we were doing and then she told us all about Westfield and the vineyards and the industry in the area.  She was very informative and we really enjoyed our conversation with her.  She has lived in the area her entire life and knew everything and everyone in the area.  In fact, she had seen us bike into town and had wondered where we were staying.

We arrived back at our motel around 6:00 and sat outside a little bit and then called it a night.  John and I were both very tired and we planned on getting up at 5:30 to be down to the Main Street Diner by 6:00 for breakfast and then be on our way.
Crossing the river on our way to Pennsylvania!

People out in the fields picking strawberries!

We saw rows and rows of grapevines in numerous vineyards as we bicycled along Lake Erie!

More vineyards - it must be so pretty when there are actually grapes on the vines!

If you look closely you will see the numerous fish that were in the river!

I would of loved to of sat on the rocks here with a good book and just enjoyed the sound of the river!

John feeding the fish with a pizza pretzel combo! lol
Hoot Hoot - our 7th state to bike in this trip!

This is the little gal that was so informative and told us all about living in the Westfield, NY area!


  1. Hey guys,

    Those weren't mountains. It is known as the Niagara escarpment and you will be seeing it around for a while. This is the tall formation of rock over which Niagara Falls, um, falls. It actually runs from New York State all the way to Wisconsin.

    Keep on going,


  2. Thanks for the info Gary - wish the two of you were here pedaling right along beside us. Oh that's right you two would be leaving us in the dust. lol Hope everything is going well and Marilyn is having a great time in Colorado!