Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 15 - New Haven, Indiana to Napolean, Ohio - 67 miles today

We got up at 5:45AM this morning and had a great breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express.  We were on the road pedaling by 6:30 as it looks like it is going to be another hot-hot day!  Yesterday we checked into the hotel by 1:30 and just spent the afternoon recuperating because the heat really takes a lot out of you.  John had napped in the afternoon but I hadn't and so I was in bed and looked at the clock and it was 7:00PM - that's the last I remember until the alarm went off at 5:45AM this morning.  Yes, I was a little tired.

We finally met another bicyclist on the road today.  It was an older gentleman that had left the Ohio/Pennsylvania border 3 days ago and was heading to Anacortes, Washington.  He was biking by himself and planned on camping some nights and staying in hotels the other nights.  Boy, he has a long way to go. lol

We spent the biggest share of the day biking alongside the river so that kept it a little bit cooler but it still got hot this afternoon.  When we arrived in Napolean we noticed there beautiful court house and then there was a catholic church right behind it so we stopped and went into the St Augustine Catholic church for a few moments of silence.  The church was very pretty but not as pretty as the one we had seen earlier in our trip in Petersburg, Iowa.

We checked into a Best Western Plus at 2:00PM and took a swim and then went to the restaurant next door for lunch/dinner.  This hotel has a guest laundry facility so we are doing our laundry and I am catching up on the blog as there is a computer in the lobby that we can use.  It beats typing on my mini laptop.

The weather really was great today - we had a very little headwind this morning but then by 10:30 or so there didn't appear to be much wind at all.  As long as we kept the bike moving we stayed cool enough but the minute you stop it got hot on that black pavement real quick.  We are happy to report that we really have not had much trouble with dogs.  It seems like a lot of the people that have dogs have the shock collars or underground fencing or have there dogs tied up.  Thank goodness!

The exciting news from the Johnson's is that today we hit our first 1,000 miles on this trip.  We left home two weeks ago, today, so we have biked over 1,000 miles in two weeks.  We are happy with that considering we had to take one day off due to rain and haven't had ideal biking conditions quite a few of the days.

Hope everyone is doing well - it is always so good to hear from our family and friends.  I know that Mike and his girls were going camping this weekend and Matt and his family are up at Lyn & Wendy's cabin and Emily caught a big fish.  Loved the picture that you sent!  I spoke with Crystal yesterday and she is looking forward to her boyfriend coming back home from his fishing trip today.  So it sounds like everyone is doing well and we are also. 

Take care and we'll keep on biking!

Leaving Indiana and saying "Hello Ohio"! Notice wind generators in the background!

They are working at adding more wind generators to the area!

This is only the 2nd biker that we have met that is biking cross country.  He started on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border and is planning on going all the way to Anacortes, Washington!

We had beautiful biking today on slower traveled roads with the river along our right side most of the way!

The water is quite brown due to flooding with a lot of debris floating by!

Courthouse in Napoleon, Ohio

Inside of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Napoleon!

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  1. well hello! I was researching proper flag display and this popped up.I'm originally from Sherwood, Ohio,Defiance County. That's north of the route you seemed to take by looks of the photos (Paulding County's much-debated-by-the-locals windmills). Neat to see it up here. We do get some bikers comin' through here occasionally. We're busy farmin', it's kinda funny to read what those "crazy people on their bikes" think passing through :) Anyways, I see there are more entries, I trust the trip was a success.