Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 26 - 6-16-2011 Sodus Point, NY to Pulaski, NY - 67 miles

We had such a nice evening last night sitting in the restaurant looking at Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario and watching the boats come and go.  However, we had miles to make today so the alarm went off at 5:40 and we packed up, ate another continental breakfast and stopped and picked up drinks for today and we were on the road about 6:45.  Right off the bat we had hills to climb and it seemed like the temperature was already pretty warm.  Well, the first 36 miles was tough for both of us - we felt like we were biking in Arcadia, Wisconsin with one hill after the other.   We stopped at a convenient store to get cold drinks and then decided to eat lunch.  One of the first things that John did when he walked into the store was to buy a Snicker's bar and eat that.  I knew then he was running out of steam because he very very seldom eats a candy bar. 

Once we got to Fulton, NY we stopped and had a sub sandwich and pedaled up the hill to get out of that town but then it flattened out for a few miles before we were back in the hills but they were not quite as steep as this mornings. 

We were surprised to see a sign on the side of the road selling bakery (not on Sunday) and John figured that it was Mennonite's or Amish.  As we drove by their farm we saw several little Amish children and then we saw a team of horses hitched up to a wagon and the Amish were making hay.

We really biked in a beautiful farming area today - even with all the hills and the heat you had to enjoy the scenery.  We also got to bicycle through the town of Texas and Mexico.  What's with that - we didn't know that there was a Texas, NY or Texas, Mexico. lol

We checked into a Super 8 in Pulaski around 4:00PM today and we are both really tuckered.  Tomorrow we have reservations about 50 miles from here in a town called Boonville, NY.  I know we are in for a lot more hills over the next two weeks or however long it takes us to get to Bar Harbor.  We will just take one at a time!
Farmers Market - as we have bicycled hrough the state of New York we have passed numerous farmer markets where there are selling strawberries, rhubard, asparagus, jams and other items right now. 

Very scenic area!

We saw a number of farm fields today as we bicycled towards Pulaski - this area reminded us a lot of parts of Wisconsin!

It was a long ride up here!

Hills, hills, hills!

More apple orchards!

Rolling hills of New York State!

As we bicycled through New York communities we have seen these yellow boxes where you can drop off any clothes or shoes for the  needy!  What a great idea!

Wow, how did we get this close to Mexico? I hope it's not because of my reading the map wrong. lol

We were pretty shocked when we saw this advertisement.  This sign was in front of a bait shop!

Amish in the field with their team of horses!

Farm land near Pulaski, NY

Farm land near Pulaski, NY


  1. Nice pics. I'm sure those shots don't do the hills you biked any justice. Pictures always seem to flatten them out. I rode with Phil yesterday and he and Janet are very interested in both the New Year's and Alabama Otter Rally. So you both just keep on thinking about those fun times coming up to keep you going for the next couple of weeks. We're all thinking about you and cheering you on!

  2. To avoid the Adirondacks, are you headed north on highway 11 to Watertown, Canton, Potsdam, Malone, Champlain, Rouse's Point, and into Vermont at Swanton? I'll be in the Swanton, St. Alban's, Rurlington area on Monday and Tuesday. How about giving me your cell phone number? Mine is 418-802-9436.

  3. Our cell is 715/560-8985. Did you see my comment where I said we would come into Vermont by Ticonderoga, NY? We are in Old Forge, NY tonight.